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WellNEX Handheld K8 Mini Massage Gun

Original price Rs. 9,999.00
Original price Rs. 9,999.00 - Original price Rs. 9,999.00
Original price Rs. 9,999.00
Current price Rs. 4,999.00
Rs. 4,999.00 - Rs. 4,999.00
Current price Rs. 4,999.00

Product Description :

Product Power : 5-96W.

Battery Capacity : 2600mAh.

Product Weight : about 450g.

Lifetime : about 1.5-10 hours.

Gear Intensity : 3 gears adjustment.

Torque Range : 0-6.5KG/CM.

Stroke : 8mm.

Intelligent Timing : 10min.

Main material : PC (machine body), nano silica gel (massage head).

Product frequency : 27HZ, 36HZ, 45HZ.

Motor speed : 1600 revolutions/min, 2200 revolutions/min, 2800 revolutions/min.

The product includes : 1 Massager gun machine body, 1 Type-c charging cable, 3 massage head,1 handbag, product manual.


1. Do not turn on the machine during charging, please place the machine body steadily in a safe place.

2. The power of this product is relatively high. It is recommended to use about 10 minutes each time. So as not to cause physical discomfort.

3. Patients with body wounds, skin diseases, cancer, tumors, heart disease and pregnant women are prohibited from using this product.

Delivery time : Fast Delivery, 7 days to receive the package.